What Went Wrong

It’s been quite a month here in Eleanor-land. It all started when I dropped my Blackberry in the toilet. Or rather, it committed suicide. Either way, the poor thing was ding dong dead. Which meant I had to buy a new one. And that I lost all of my links and phone numbers, because no, I never backed it up with my laptop. Am I the only person who doesn’t even know her own mother’s phone number without it typed in the cell phone address book?

And without the Blackberry, there was no more Twitter, because I can’t access it from my work computer and I’ve been trying to stay offline when I’m home. Oh, and since my DVD player stopped spinning, I’ve been using my laptop as a movie viewer at night. Which means it’s all the way upstairs in the bedroom, so it might as well be in Timbuktu when I’m couching.

Oh and then there’s the work travel. Charleston one week, Atlanta the next. (By the way, I met Shaft at a hotel bar…). I’m off to DC twice, New Orleans, and Atlanta again before the year is over. My suitcase looks like it’s been in a losing battle. And it now lives in my front room, the better to whisk out the door with it.

And oh yeah, I’ve been writing. Not much here, obviously, but I’m trying to squeeze in an hour a day scribbling something down. And I got the loveliest rejection letter from The Atlantic Monthly.

And I got in a fight with my dad over Fox News, but I think we’re ok now.

And BC and I went out on Wednesday for “a quick drink” and ended up loudly drowning the night over bourbon and beer and playing along with Jeopardy (my strong suit) and Wheel of Fortune (his). I woke up this morning hating myself and he woke up with a half-eaten donut of unknown origin on his kitchen table. I think he wins.

Which all goes to say- SHE LIVES! (Thanks to all of you who’ve checked in to be sure…).



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5 responses to “What Went Wrong

  1. I’m glad she lives. lolz

    What a trip. I seem to know at least a dozen people who have dropped their cell phone in a toilet. Including myself.

  2. oh good, because I was starting to get worried. That’s the weird thing about blogs. Someone could die and you’d never know.

  3. Glad you’re alive! Sounds like things are going pretty well!

  4. I have had countless near-death experiences with my Blackberry, where to all appearances it was dead, then rallied. It’s inexplicable. I’ve dropped it on the NYC subway tracks, in a toilet, in a hot tub. And each time, it has dried out then turned back on. I’ve named it Lazarus.

  5. Ugh. My DVD player died last night. As I had just received the entire season of Ally McBeal on DVD for Christmas, this was (or seemed) catastrophic…except for the fact that I had a spare DVD player in the basement which I was miraculously able to transfer without assistance. All was well.

    I couldn’t tell you anybody’s phone number without my cell phone address book.

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