Last Days of Summer

Summer was a short one here in Pittsburgh this year- it never really warmed up until mid-July, I was gone for most of August, and now we’re dipping into the 50’s at night and back in flannel pj’s. In the ten years we’ve been friends, BC and I have made a ritual of squeezing the last out of the beautiful weather while it lasts, before we’re stuck in gray slush for six months. Yesterday was no exception.

As soon as I dipped out of the office, I headed to Squirrel Hill to rendezvous with a pile of books and notebooks in my groaning bag. Then we dodged the traffic and headed to Schenley Park, where we sprawled on a blanket in the grass until the sun had finally slipped below the horizon. As usual for these adventures, I read exactly nothing. Instead we plotted out highly profitable novel and book ideas, made jokes about anorexic babies (yes, we’ll burn in hell), and ate an entire bowl of fresh blueberries. Then it was over to Cold Stone Creamery for chocolate cake batter ice cream with strawberries as dinner.

Our plan for this long weekend is to cram as many summer activities in as possible- we’ll hit up the amusement park, drink cocktails on BC’s porch, etc. Any suggestions for must-do summer fling weekend agenda items? The idea is to fit a whole summer into three days. What would you do if you had to fit your summer into a long weekend?



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6 responses to “Last Days of Summer

  1. 1. wear white
    2. wear flipflops
    3. drink sangria
    4. throw down a blanket and do the above while watching an outdoor production of cat on a hot tin roof
    5. find a convertible and drive to a body of water where you can sit and read
    6. let your hair air-dry to get that messy/chic look people talk about that i have never once accomplished
    7. cold beer and outdoor live music
    8. key lime pie, strawberry shortcake, watermelon tomato salad, ice cream. lots of ice cream.
    9. big flowy gauzy skirt
    10. farmer’s market
    i feel like i should tell you to rent a boat or ride a bike but that, to me, would be torture. i’m more convertible.

  2. I’d go get dinner on the deck at Red Fin Blues, followed by a walk around the Island.

  3. Pam

    thanks for your kind comment on In My Shoes. Your blog is lovely!

    **i’d go to yummy bakeries.

  4. This sounds lovely. Can you fit in a hike somewhere? Or a swim?

  5. Tina

    eat funnel cake.

  6. I would take a book outside and read. I’m pretty easy like that (that’s what she said!).

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