Back from the Mountain

After twelve days without cell phone access or a laptop, I’m feeling very absorbed into the non-online world. I crawled out of bed every morning to read or write or hear amazing writers read their work or drink from vats of free coffee. And now, it’s back to the office again to drudgery and email and conference calls. Well, and a new box of office supplies…. there’s always a silver lining.

I would have to say the highlight of the trip, aside from some reassurance that I can write a little and talk about writing a lot, had to be a brief non-illicit wooing by a lovely poet. We traded poems, we sat by firesides, we ate meals, we danced. And with nothing seedy to leave residuals, we, I hope, became friends. A little romance in the woods never hurt anyone. Least of all me.

I’ll be back in the saddle by the end of the week with tales to tell, but for now, you can find me shoveling at email with two blackberries and a desktop computer until they stop threatening to bury me alive.

I missed you all and hope the last two weeks have been kind to you. What are your latest adventures?



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2 responses to “Back from the Mountain

  1. No adventures to speak of. I’m glad you got a chance to unplug!

  2. Welcome back! Good luck catching up.

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