Bizarre Text Messages from an Unexpected Source

Out of the blue on Monday night, I got the following text messages from the ex’s new lady….

“Hey, this is Ms. X, now you have my number. I’d love to hang out sometime. Seriously”

“I don’t know if (ex) and I will work out, but either way, I think I’d like you to meet my friends.”

“They’re all quite clever fun and civilized. that’s why I’m so sure you’ll like them.”

So either she’s hitting on me… or spying on me…. or wants to size me up. I’m thinking this is a definite no-go (thanks tweeps).



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11 responses to “Bizarre Text Messages from an Unexpected Source

  1. holy wow, that’s kind of insane. why on earth would that be a good idea? for anyone? good call on the no-go.

  2. Nope. NOTHING good could come from this.

  3. Um, definitely not. What the hell? And three texts? No, no. No.

  4. That’s messed up dear. MESSED UP.

  5. Oh. Hell. No.
    I hope she was really drunk.

  6. I agree with everything already said. No, no, no. She’s either batshit insane or freakishly sly, probably a combo of the two…nothing good can come of getting acquainted with her.

    • That is exactly what I was thinking. She’s either freaky crazy, freaky stupid, or freaky mean-girls. I don’t need the drama. Her latest invite was to go out for ice cream. I’m tempted to just block her messages, but am hoping saying no enough will drive her away.

  7. Dixiegirl

    Can’t think of any earthly reason a sane person would find that normal or an appealing idea.

    Was the ex that stupid, too?

  8. She’s either looking for you to provide a reality check about him, or she’s acting on his suggestions for whatever twisted agenda he has. epic fail.

  9. vivi

    Sorry for the late post. It’s happened too many times for it to be random. I know exactly what’s up.
    She’s suspicious, just like you were, that he’s screwing around. Either she thinks he’s screwing around with you, OR she wants to compare her “is he screwing around” suspicions with yours. Trust me, that’s why.

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