Hooray! I was delighted to be picked for the Gap brand ambassador program… and even more delighted to get a giant box welcoming me on board with a “Born to Blog” Gap T, perfume, a huge tote bag, a very nice backpack, and a pack of lipglosses.

In the interest of being clear about the deal here, I am not getting paid to participate in the campaign (other than the merchandise), was already a Gap airport store regular, and they do not insist that I only post positive content about them when I do post. But, to maintain my integrity, I will try and tag any content about the Gap as “sponsored content” and will honestly review the “Born to Fit” new line of jeans… (please actually fit). Fingers crossed. I’ll also be hosting a party sometime in the next month to have people try on the new jeans line… if you’re in Pittsburgh, a lady type, and are interested in being on the guest list, post a comment and I’ll try and squeeze you in.

Get it? New jeans, squeeze you in? Man, I’m funny.



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3 responses to “Gap-tasm

  1. Fun! And very nice explanation of the details.

  2. I am SO jealous!!!!!!!

  3. Still a good sense of humor after all that alcohol consumption and a close call in New Orleans I see.

    Just think … if that little New Orleans fiasco hadn’t happened, you wouldn’t have had such a great story to tell all of us.

    Good luck with the jeans.

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