One Last Night in San Francisco

The Canadian gave me a call on the final day and asked what I had to do after work. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So, we decided it was the perfect evening to rendezvous late and go for a streetcar ride. I had ridden the car from Union Square halfway up for a quick bite to eat, but hadn’t gotten around to the end of the line yet. We met up by my hotel and strolled over to get in line.

The whole time, I wanted to become a complete tourist and whip out the digital camera. OK, partially because I wanted a picture of the Canadian to take home and partly to take in the scenery. The Canadian pointed out various landmarks and places already visited along the way. It was chilly and we’d decided on the outside bench seating on the car, so we snuggled up a little bit closer.

At the end of line, we wandered into Little Italy to a beer spot and I got treated to a java mocha porter while we sat and chatted. The Canadian was a little restless though. I’d start a conversation only to get interrupted or have a menu thrust at me by a waiter. In the end, we decided to split some nachos which got wolfed down in short order and since I had an early morning at work we started winding our way back to the streetcar.

I couldn’t believe it. After all the drama of the last year, I finally meet an interesting, smart, funny urban planner in San Francisco who I can spend three wonderful evenings with and of course it would be someone from another country. Clearly, I never choose the easy way. The whole chilly ride back I smiled and nodded, but kept thinking how bummed I was that I had to go back to Pittsburgh alone the next day.

When we got back to Union Square, there was another offer to walk me back to my hotel. We held hands swinging along down the sidewalk. The Canadian had another two weeks before the long trip back to Vancouver. I had a week to go before I winged off for two weeks in New Orleans. We both had a craving for pizza which we quickly satisfied. And as the evening went later and later, well, I started to wonder how late it could go…. or if we had other, ahem, cravings in common, if you know what I mean….

Finally I insisted on heading back to the hotel so I could get a few hours of sleep before the long trip back to Pittsburgh the next day. Ever polite, the Canadian escorted me back. We talked about how rare it was to meet someone who really clicked, especially in a random bar, in a random town, from another country, with as much in common as we had. We swooned and made a few moony eyes at each other. We exchanged e-mail addresses and promised to drop each other a line. We both agreed it had been a wonderful three days. And…….

Well, ever the lady, I will leave it at this. We went out for a lovely coffee- the next morning.



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3 responses to “One Last Night in San Francisco

  1. what a cute ending to the story.
    this chapter, at least…?

  2. nice!
    i must admit, i’ve been reading very impatiently, waiting to see where this would go. but this seemed like it might be going somewhere delightful – and yes. that connection is so rare. now to see how it all plays out… or doesn’t.
    (it’s possible that foreign cinema helped. it’s kind of hard *not* to swoon when you’re dining there.)

  3. great post, thank
    its my first time on this blog and there is a lot of good stuff here:P
    bookmark it !

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