Not the Post You’re Waiting For

Sometimes being a blogger has its perks. It’s a great way to kill a lunch break or a rainy Saturday.  It can be done in pajamas (or nothing at all, I suppose). You get the chance to meet really great people who root for you when things are going well and send thoughtful messages when they aren’t. And occasionally, if you are very, very lucky, you get free stuff.

You may have noticed that it’s not very commercialized around here. The blog is free, which fits my budget just right, and sometimes the ads on other pages give me a headache or make it too hard to find the actual content. Besides, WordPress won’t let me unless I give them money. Free is one of my favorite words.

So, when I got an email out of the blue asking if I’d like to meet up about hosting a Gap promo party for free  I had my doubts, but hello, the price was right. And when I went to said meeting and was allowed to pick out a Gap outfit for free I realized this could be love.

Call me a sell-out. Fine. I do not intend to blog excessively about my love of all things Gap, with product placement and clever denim taglines. But if you see me around, I may be wearing these very cute (and did I mention free) items .  And fingers crossed, if they liked me back, there may be more schwag in my future. And I promise to share it with you, if that happens.

Because you all rule. And I hope you’ll still love me, even if I am now a proud recipient of the man’s free goodies. Like these?

My pretty, pretty tank top

My pretty, pretty tank top

The pants which actually came in ankle length

The pants which actually came in ankle length

Not quite the cardigan, I got but the color is right. Mine has a flirty ruffle at the bottom

Not quite the cardigan, I got but the color is right. Mine has a flirty ruffle at the bottom

And yes, I will fill you in on the Canadian. Possibly tonight? Possibly tomorrow morning? Who knows…. I am an international woman of mystery.



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4 responses to “Not the Post You’re Waiting For

  1. I get so many emails asking me to promote stuff on my blog–but they pretty much always want me to do it in exchange for nothing in return. I’ve seen posts about this Gap thing on several blog now, and it sounds like whoever runs their blog marketing campaign has it right. You never get something for nothing. Good for them for offering a tangible benefit to bloggers.

  2. The only people who want to give me stuff for my blog are people who sell things I don’t use (harsh chemical cleansers) or things I don’t care to write about (sex toys).

    I would take something from the Gap in a second.

  3. Lina

    Love the pants and the cardigan!

    Congrats on the free stuff

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