A big one in the works

I’ve been working on kind of a major post for a week or so now and can’t seem to get the tone just right. And that seems to be the way that life is going these days. I get a freelance writing assignment and everything I have to say sounds corny. I email my boss about some comp time coming up and it sounds like I’m kissing up. I text BC back teasingly and he apologizes profusely, thinking he’s offended me.

My communicator bits must be broken. Which is why I’m holding off on posting the major post until I can say what I mean and mean what I say again. In the meantime, no, I’m not mad at you.



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5 responses to “A big one in the works

  1. I know exactly what you mean about tone. Sometimes, that is the hardest part.

  2. That is so frustrating. For us, too, because oooo I want to know what’s going on!

  3. The astrologer in me would tell you that we are smack in the middle of a Mercury Retrograde, which messes up communication all over the place 🙂

  4. wheerrreee”sss theee biiiggg oonnneee??? I’ve been checking for weekkksss!!!! 🙂

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