Bored in the Drink

BC and I have a new weekend habit. We get together, go to the same gay bars he loves to frequent, drink bourbon, and complain about how we always do the same things all the time. Last weekend we took our rant on the road, to see the fabulous Ms. Eda Bagel, drag queen extraordinaire, at her going  away benefit show at the Hungarian Reformed Church in Duquesne. BC and I were both more than a little overhung, so we followed the show with some deep fried Mexican and started the usual rant.

This time, however, we came to a new place. Essentially, the only thing keeping us from doing something other than getting hammered on bourbon at the exact same bars every weekend is that we are too lazy to think of something better to do. The usual phone call on a Saturday goes something like this:

E: Wanna go out tonight?

BC: Cocktails?

E: Sure. Where at?

BC: Um. Well, I hate going to place A, B, and C. So, the usual?

E: OK. See you in an hour.

So I’m on a mission to find new and better fun for a girl and her gay best friend to get into on a weekend night- preferably something that doesn’t leave me couch-bound on Sunday praying to the takeout gods to solve my overhung state. We’re great at finding stuff to do during the day- and generally satisfied by sitting in a park or on BC’s roof with a picnic of farmer’s market stuff and a pile of books while we read the funny bits out loud periodically. But what to do after 10 pm? We are both quite the night owls on the weekend, but generally hate “clubs” and lean towards kitsch. I’ve assigned myself the task of filling in the blanks with an alternate plan (especially since this Sunday I will need to be up at 4 am for my cab to the airport to start VACATION).

So, what do you after 10 pm (besides sleep or drink)? Me and my best ‘mo will be entirely grateful for good ideas.


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