Google is No WebMD

All of a sudden, after running errands around town yesterday in the rain with a coat, but no umbrella, I started to feel a chill. And a headache. Followed by a fever, which left me waking every 30 minutes drenched in sweat, or alternatively frozen to the bone while my face felt like it was on fire. My throat was rubbed raw. All food (and even ginger ale) made me feel queasy.

Nonetheless, I’m off for vacation next week and had to drag myself in to the office, or risk using leave I don’t have to spare on being sick instead of being on the beach in the sunshine.

In an effort to track down some homeopathic solutions to the flu-ish symptoms, I googled the whole list. And what should pop up as the first hit? “West Nile Virus.”

I think I have bigger problems than planning my vacation and trying to bundle up in my office if I’ve contracted West Nile.


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