Live From My Bed

Thank you to everyone for the condolences. The service for Pa was one of the loveliest I’ve seen and my grandmother (and idol) is holding up bravely and with her usual grace and sense of humor. I also had the pleasure of hearing her call the funeral home’s monument sales pitch (laden with schmaltz and empathy) “a load of horseshit.” Man, she’s the bee’s knees. Entirely the kind of woman I’d like to be at eighty.

Tomorrow it’s back to the office and is supposed to snow. Really Pittsburgh? Snow in April? This is just to torment me right? Thankfully, I’ve booked a getaway at the end of the month to an old folks’ condo in Cocoa Beach. Just me, sunscreen, and a pile of books in the sand for a week of no work (and no work e-mail, no matter how much I protest). Goofy magazines and journals (and just maybe Twitter… You can’t unplug me entirely).

I’m off to hit the sheets with visions of a suntan dancing in my head. Hey, a redhead slathered in SPF 75 can dream, right? (Thank you Jergens Gentle Glow).



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2 responses to “Live From My Bed

  1. I should book a vacation somewhere I can just read and sunbathe. I think I need it desperately.

    I’m glad the service was nice, and that your grandmother is holding up!

  2. I’m glad the service was pleasant and that your grandmother is holding up alright. I think the only thing that made some of the deaths in my family tolerable has been the strength of other relatives and the beauty of our last farewell.

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