Blogging on the Run

I can’t seem to get a minute in edgewise in my new crazy life on the road. So here I am, blogging on the Blackberry from a random bar in DC three bourbons into my evening.

I thought I was pretty hardcore until I pulled up to ladies’ night at a local hot spot where a beat down was in progress on the sidewalk. Girl, out. Yuppie gay bar stop with friend from law school instead and a bartender impressed with my ability to knock back the Jack & Diet’s.

I am having blog guilt. So much to write about, so little time. My trips keep coming closer and closer together which means questionable wireless and no spell-check on the BB posts. Which my neurotic soul finds repugnant.

Nonetheless, today I spent my travels having ice cream for dinner and finally seeing “He’s Just Not That Into You.” About which I have opinions. Such as the bizarre happy ending for all the folks who broke the rules. Regardless, a chick flick and ice cream for dinner is a great way to spend travel.

That’s today. I owe you more. And I know it.


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One response to “Blogging on the Run

  1. Yay!
    Welcome back!
    We missed you.

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