Whisked Away

With all the travel my new job entails, I’m often not sure where I’ll be from week to week. Case in point, yesterday my boss called from New Orleans to ask me to schedule a flight and hotel tout de suite and be in the office down there on Monday morning. Sure. Luckily, the city without care is between festivals, so I tracked down what I’m hoping will be a glam sleeping experience in the Warehouse District.

My last visit, I crashed at Le Pavillon, which was all booked up with a convention for next week. It was lovely for business travel, but honestly, I didn’t care so much about the hotel as the fact that I was in the Big Easy where it was 70 in January, instead of suffering through Pittsburgh snow and ice. This visit should be another welcome weather respite, since it’s still hovering slightly above freezing here and will be in the 70’s in NOLA again. Ahhhhh.

The best dinner I had last time was at Irene’s Cuisine (AHHHmazing), but I’m looking to expand my food horizons past the tourist spots with nothing but gumbo and whatnot on the menu. Anyone have any must eats I may have missed? I have four nights to gorge and would love to eat well.

As for my “life life,” as I like to call anything not work-related, well, there’s not much to report. BC and I hit the town on Saturday night at 2 am just because we could, against our better judgment and had a lovely bourbony night. My apartment is a disaster area, which I would let be, except that my gas heater has mysteriously stopped coming on (even though the hot water and stove still work). This means a visit from the landlord, a man I haven’t set eyes on since I moved in two years ago. In the meantime, I’m bundling up in sweats, and toting a space heater around with me wherever I go.

I’m on a healthy living kick (again), so I stocked up on Whole Foods groceries and actually roasted a delicious chicken for dinner last night, with a side of black rice and fresh carrots with honey. Delicious. And now I need to add the kitchen to my “to clean” areas.

I’ve moved up a haircut for this weekend, so I will either spend Saturday night showing off my new crowning glory or weeping when I go from waistlength (but scraggly) to shoulder-blade length and sleek. There’s only one former drag queen I would trust with such a major endeavor and he’s never steered me and my curly locks wrong, so fingers crossed that it looks as good on my head as it does in my head.

And tonight- tonight BC and I will be at the Carnegie Library (scraggly hair and all) for an event he’s been dying to go to all week. I was equally enthusiastic until I spent last night tossing and turning and this morning cursing the daylight. We’ll see if I can resist BC’s evil tempting ways to lead me astray into cocktailing on a work night…..



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4 responses to “Whisked Away

  1. Janine Falcon

    Realized that because I’m following you on Twitter, I haven’t popped over to see what you’re up to! Sounds busy, your life — it has via tweets as well. Busy is good. And your tweets are fun!

    Over’n’out. *grin*

  2. Janine Falcon

    Happy haircut, by the way. Just had one myself this week. Must be that “spring cleaning” thing in the air… or in the hair.

  3. I’m scheduling a hair cut for next month, before my vacation starts. :]

  4. I actually loved Nola despite it being an Emeril place. The food was great and interesting. Bayona is also an epic food experience but it is more upscale and not quite as much fun as Nola.

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