In which I whine

I’m working on my “substitute holiday”.

I ate all my clearance Valentine candy.

I’m on a conference call and can’t leave my desk but desperately need a glass of water.

I haven’t been sleeping right lately.

I have no work clothes that I like.

My cell phone plan is overpriced.

It is still winter.

I am going to Anaheim, CA on Thursday for four days and won’t be going to Disneyland or the beach.

My head itches.

My bedroom needs vacuumed because the dust is killing me.

My office mate is loudly typing (on a TYPEWRITER while I interview job candidates on the phone even though she knows I’m interviewing assistant candidates.

I’d rather be writing, now that I have some really good ideas for stories, and I’m afraid I’ll lose them. I’d also rather be setting up a writing table/ desk in my house, because curling up on the couch leads to napping too often and bad ergonomics.

I have to buy plane tickets to Florida and they’re really more expensive than I want to pay for.

I have adorable new Mary Jane pumps on at work with 3 ” stack heels, but since they’re new they still need some breaking in and are hurting my arches.
I need a haircut.

I need to go grocery shopping.

I need to do laundry.

I am homesick for my sisters after my recent visit.

Old people (over 55 and who are parents of friends) should not friend their childrens’ high school friends on Facebook. Also my parents’ second cousins who I never see should not add me on Facebook and read silly status updates about cocktailing and whatnot.

And on that upbeat note….

If there’s anyone in the Anaheim area who’ll be bored this Friday or Saturday night, I’ll be right outside Disneyland- lemme know.



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4 responses to “In which I whine

  1. this is the part where I whine…

    I wannnnnaaa ggoooo to Disssnneeeyyy laaaannndddd

  2. Oh man. Disneyland would be sofreaking awesome…

  3. On the upside of the Disneyland thing, it doesn’t look like it’s going to rain here this weekend. Whereas last weekend totally sucked. I hope you enjoy your weekend a little bit more than expected!

  4. I’ve been away a bit but I wanted to take a minute to catch up on your doings. My husband passed away Jan 29. so I’ve just now go to the point I can read a blog.

    Hope your trip was lovely.

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