Wednesday Quickies

OK. I get it. I haven’t written in a while. But there’s been a lot going on around these parts. Here’s a quick rundown:

– Today, I realized I made the complete right decision accepting new job when I got not one, but FOUR, compliments from various higher-ups on projects I submitted. Positive reinforcement at work. Imagine that!

– Today is BC’s birthday and I am off like a rocket to take him out for some Red Lobster, just like Mom used to do. Garlic cheese biscuits-yum.

– I just got back from a weekend with the family in Atlanta and must sit you all down and tell the tale of my sister, the hippie. Just you wait.

– Next week I’m off to Anaheim, CA for work. Sunshine! I’m coming for you. Of course, the following week it’s Ithaca, NY. They can’t all be weather winners.

Ok. I know there’s more to say and so much to tell, but for now it’s happy hour. Even when I go MIA, I can generally be found at Twitter (eleanorstrouser) on a daily basis.

I’ll be back with a more filling entry soon. This is just the appetizer.



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3 responses to “Wednesday Quickies

  1. I’ve never been to Red Lobster.

  2. First of all, congratulations on getting things right with the new job. That’s really a great feeling! I wish I could get things right with my job…

    And secondly, enjoy the birthday celebration and the family weekend!

  3. Those biscuits at Red Lobster are the bomb!

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