Today, I actually managed to stay home and do some work thanks to a crazy ice storm that left all of Pittsburgh encased in a sheet of slick glass this morning. I got up and dressed like a good little worker bee, opened the front door and saw shiny icy sidewalks as far as the eye could see. I tentatively trudged a block or so before I realized that it would be afternoon by the time I made it to the bus stop at that pace. Instead, I turned back, slid home, and let New Orleans know that I would be iced in until tomorrow. Because my new job is amazing, they said it was kosher and I have taken conference calls and emailed all day from the comfort of my dining room floor where I’ve propped the laptop and myself up on a pile of pillows. Because I had already gotten dressed for work, and then gave in, I’m in argyle work socks, polka dot pajama pants, a sweater set and pearls. Oh, and a giant white men’s terry cloth robe. Glamour, thy name is telework.



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6 responses to “Homework

  1. This is awesome. I intend to learn more about this telecommuting thing shortly.

  2. You are an inspiration to us all! Seriously, where can I get some of this telework?

  3. I have itchy elbows. I want to stay home!

    I love pearls. I need to get me some pearls.

  4. You have WORKED yourself into a very nice situation…congratulations!!!!

  5. I love pearls. And pajama pants. And telecommuting.

  6. There is NOTHING better than working from home.

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