Back in the SNOW and better than ever

After two weeks in New Orleans, I am in this strange in-between land where the snow outside doesn’t seem real and neither does the 78 degree weather I enjoyed just a week ago. This results in really interesting fashion choices, like the tennis shoes without socks, yoga pants, T-shirt, hoodie and coat I wore to shovel the sidewalk this morning. Let me tell you, snow on my bare ankles was quite a morning eye opener. However, my usual winter pessimism is a little buffered knowing that there are places in the world where the sun is shining.

The new office was delightful for my orientation. They treated me to king cake not once but twice and we went out for two dinners while I was in town. If any of you are headed to the Big Easy, I insist that you make your way to Irene’s– hands down the best restaurant meal I have ever eaten. When we walked in, Miss Irene herself greeted us at the door, the waiter jumped right over for drink orders, they sat us in the front window, and we ate. I had a perfect filet mignon and potato gratin that left me wanting to lick the plate, portioned exactly right not to leave me in pain from being full, but not wanting more (minus the desire to eat at Irene’s every night for the rest of my life). Our visit was improved by our sighting of the Trash King of New Orleans, Sidney Torres IV. He is apparently quite the local celebrity, and quite the looker. I only regret not having my picture made with him and Miss Irene before the night was over.

Two days before I left, I also got the very welcome news that my new job has already been upgraded, which means a big ol’ pay raise is coming my way to bring me on the level with the other new staff they’ll be hiring. I could not be happier that I took the transfer- the people are better, the money is better, and so far all of my hesitations have worked out swimmingly. I am taking the time to realize that this is good fortune- that this is a moment when for once things are going right. Too often, I think I let those moments pass me by, a little too unnoticed and focus on all the things I want instead.

My liver is still in serious detox from the bourbons and hand grenades I downed down on Bourbon St., and my waistline is expanded with all the bread and gumbo and beignets and cafe au lait and seafood (thus the yoga pants). I’m contemplating raw foods and water until I feel like a human again. Tonight’s Steelers game will be beer-free for me- I’m being a very good girl for a little while until I feel healthy and my liver feels capable of working again.

My new position also comes with a four day work week (I know, now it seems like I’m bragging….), so I’ll be in recovery in my jammies until I go back to the office on Wednesday. In the meantime, I’ll be gathering up all the random delicious memories from the last two weeks to pass along to y’all.


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One response to “Back in the SNOW and better than ever

  1. This all sounds too good to be true…are you sure you aren’t dreaming?

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