Live-ish from New Orleans

Lovelies, it has been quite the week in New Orleans so far. The new job is going well. Lots of training and working out little details like purchase and travel cards, email access, and whatnot. The people I work with down here are a delightful bunch, who’ve already taken me out for one 3 Michelin star dinner (ohmygod was it good) and offered trips to the movies and football parties at their house over the weekend.

Today, BC, who has more vacation time saved than a retired person, joins me for the week. The struggle will be to find a work-life, or rather work-cocktail, balance.

In the meantime, you can find me sitting in the sun with a big cup of coffee being ever so grateful that I’m not stuck in the Pittsburgh winter. In fact, it’s a little warm to be wearing a hoodie right now.

The only resolution I’ve made so far? To sit in the sun when there’s sun to be had. Oh, and avoid frozen daquiris- the brain freeze isn’t worth it for the booze.



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4 responses to “Live-ish from New Orleans

  1. There are Steelers’ fan everywhere. Just find yourself a bunch of them and stay away from the Saints’ fans…they are probably really mad!

    Glad you are getting settled!

  2. Oh! Southern Sunshine! How wonderful! I am bright green with envy. My bones are green with envy. It is so cold here and I want to go home. I’m from Mobile, across the river.

  3. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen while doing all that sun-sitting.

  4. good job kiddo!
    so proud of you!! i’ll be down there in two weeks…as soon as all this inaugural bs is over… ’cause a lil time in the FQ reallly goes a long way toward getting me through winters…

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