Procrastinating in the New Year

There is a long list of things I haven’t done yet in 2009, and we’re already 4 days in:

  • Packed for New Orleans- and I leave for two weeks tomorrow.
  • Made any resolutions- and I actually like making them, since I usually plan for a few adventures for the year.
  • Gotten BC to draw a winner in the contest- tonight’s the night, my dears!
  • Finished my last two hours of work for my old job (this afternoon)
  • Figured out what I’m going to do, since my last paycheck was almost $400 short due to a payroll error that will take a month to correct and Christmas wasn’t cheap
  • Dealt with my panic over my almost $400 gas bill- sigh. The heat is turned back down.
  • Written anything for y’all to read at all.

What I have done:

  • cooked a New Year’s feast
  • read four books on my couch under a quilt
  • flipped through the four cookbooks I got for Christmas
  • made a list of thank you notes I need to write for Christmas and birthday gifts (yep, the 23rd was my 32nd…)
  • did a full body spa day in my tiny bathroom to get all the past due “personal maintenance” caught up
  • spent a lot of time in yoga pants and a fuzzy robe bumming around the house

Happy Belated New Year’s!



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5 responses to “Procrastinating in the New Year

  1. Well, you’re ahead of me. I’ve just managed to clean the whole house. Well, most of it.

    I’m confused about “old job” /”new job”. I read earlier where you were changing positions but this sounds as if something has happened in the interim.

    Bet you had the heat up for that spa day in the bathroom!

    I just realized I can subscribe to this and not have to remember to pop in and “catch up”! Wow!

  2. Real procrastination would be waiting another week. You are just getting started. Take a nap!

  3. I think that is a great way to start a new year.. nice and relaxing! Good for you!

  4. You can’t say you’ve procrastinated because your list of things you’ve ton is already tripled mine. Actually I think the only thing I’ve done in 2009 is sleep in and drink late.

  5. I hate payroll errors! One of my summer jobs was riddled with them. Best of luck, and happy new year!!

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