Live from Friday night

I’m back at home after my last “official” happy hour with the girls from work before my new job starts on Monday. I had a random flashback to middle school when I realized mid-hour that all the girls decided this year to join the Junior League. Except they failed to mention it to me until today- four months too late for me to join along. I don’t expect us all to be inseperable and Junior League is just sorority for grown-ups. But I guess that want to be wanted never goes away. I want to be invited, even if I do decide not to join because it’s lame. Childish, but true.



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4 responses to “Live from Friday night

  1. Hi,

    I started lurking about here a little while ago, and now feel like sticking my nose in to say “hi.” Oh, I guess I already said “hi.”

    I know all about the middle school flashbacks.

    And just to show how much of an outsider I am, I had to look up the Junior League.

  2. Northerners do Junior League? I had no idea.

  3. Luna

    yeah, I’m clueless, too. What the hell is Junior League?

    • Junior League is a much bigger deal in the South than up North, but the easiest way to describe it is as sort of a sorority for grown-ups. They do lots of charitable volunteering, have mandatory attendance and service requirements, and then have a lot of social functions as well. In the South, it’s pretty hard to get in, since it has a bit of a snooty upperclass vibe, but here in Pittsburgh, apparently everyone I know passed muster (so it can’t be that hard to get in, right? heehee).

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