Shopping Local, Shopping Handmade

As a former retail slave, Black Friday still gives me cold chills and knots in my stomach. I spent too many mornings recovering from a turkey coma with angry shoppers seeking bargains that were sold out at 7 am, expecting no lines on a busy shopping day, and hostilely celebrating the season with consumerism. In recent years, I’ve avoided the hell of the malls by doing all of my holiday shopping online and shipping the gifts to my parents’ house in Atlanta. It’s been great- the gifts are there, wrapped, and ready to go when I arrive, with no extra costs for checking luggage full of gifts and no time of my visit spent doing gift wrapping.

This year, I’m trying to reign in my corporate spending. There are tons of great local boutiques in my neighborhood with original gifts to buy. My Etsy searching habits have resulted in great handmade gift options. And yes, some of my gifts this year will be my own creations. Yesterday for less than $100 (shipping included), I picked up 18 Christmas cards and four gifts, and tagged quite a few more to snag on the next payday round of shopping. In the interest of sharing the wealth, below are some of my finds:

My Christmas postcards:

from GlitterWorkshop

from GlitterWorkshop

A freshwater pearl ring (and matching earrings) for my sister, the Yuppie (& a free pendant for me):

From MuyinMolly

From MuyinMolly

 A scarf for my mini-me, the bicycle queen (and from a local Pittsburgher):

From garbella

From garbella

And for BC, the best pal, and kitschy Catholic-abilia collector:

from DosMujeres

from DosMujeres

I’m a little nervous sharing the Etsy wealth with you all, because one-of-a-kind means that you all might go snatch up the things I saved for later. But if you find something you love- I encourage you to spend your dollars on handmade. Today, I’m observing Buy Nothing Day. And also, a self-declared holiday- Clean Up My House Because I’m Having Company on Sunday Day.



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3 responses to “Shopping Local, Shopping Handmade

  1. I just bought a fab headband with peacock feathers on the side from Featherbrain on Etsy. You should check her stuff out. So cute.

  2. That freshwater pearl ring is GORGEOUS! Great find!

  3. Excellent content here and a nice writing style too – keep up the great work!

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