With 8, You Get Pie

Thanksgiving this year is a little bit off. The gang I’m cooking for, all seven of them, had various obligations, work schedules, visitors, etc. to wrangle on the actual day, so on Sunday we’re gathering at my place for Thanksgiving Part Two: Turkey’s Revenge. A full feast will be prepped and served, including cocktails, to-go leftovers and Steelers football on the television.

The menu, not for the faint of heart, includes:

Homemade spinach dip

Cheese straws

Blue cheese & honey bruschetta

Two turkeys- 15 lbs. and 10 lbs. (thank you tiny oven)

Gravy by the vatful

Stuffing (in and out of the bird- Stove Top and cornbread homemade)

Honeyed baby carrots

Green bean casserole (with and without mushrooms)

Sweet potato casserole

Cranberry sauce (canned- yes, please)

Crescent rolls, cheese straws, dill bread, cornbread muffins, buttermilk biscuits, and sourdough rolls

Corn pudding

Blueberry salad

Fried corn with bacon

Mashed potatoes (10 lbs. of yukons)

Baked macaroni and cheese

Pole beans

 Sweet potato butter

Homemade fudge

Pumpkin pie with ice cream and whipped cream

My famous Godiva Chocolate Pie

And beer, Asti, eggnog, rum, and Irish coffees.

All of this will prepared by yours truly, in my 5′ x 10′ kitchen on the two feet of counter space. Last year, you may remember, involved a slight scalding incident I’m hoping to avoid in this year’s kitchen plan.

Dinner’s at three on Sunday. See you all then!



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7 responses to “With 8, You Get Pie

  1. A Super Girl

    Oh my god, I can’t imagine preparing that feast in my kitchen, which is just about as small! I think you should plan a photo blog to let us in on how you accomplish such a feat!

  2. ooh, can I come? it’d so be worth the drive for that menu. : )

  3. i wonder how much alcohol i would consume while cooking that feast. that’s the best part.

  4. What’s blueberry salad? This sounds like something I need to know about.

  5. GYL

    Mmm, I think we need to take up thanksgiving here is Oz if this is the food you get 🙂

    I read the post from last year. It made me feel sad for you, it knowing how everything has turned out. But also happy – boy, did you make a lucky ‘escape’!

    Hopefully next thanksgiving there will be an even better story to tell 🙂

  6. So, you’re available for catering events, yes? I’m marking you down for my imaginary wedding.
    Drool worthy!

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