Mondays Disappointments and Delights

Being brief, because all my words are going to the great Nanowrimo novel…

  • Disappointed that Rachel Maddow was hosted by Ariana Huffington tonight- I need to see that Rachel smirk at the end of day. It’s been a brief love, but I need Rachel to say goodnight. And while I like Huffington’s politics, when I close my eyes, all I hear is a Gabor sister.
  • Disappointed that my new job offer is moving slower than expected, which means I’m still packing for the office move with what I think of as my old job.
  • Delighted that BC called tonight and whisked me off for home decorating advice at his new apartment. Yep, it was Straight Eye for the Queer Guy in his gorgeous new digs all evening. And I think my rearranging made it only more charming, if I do say so myself.
  • Delighted that I found frozen peas in the freezer to toss into my pasta tonight- this girl needed a vegetable in a big, bad way.
  • Delighted that I’m organized for this year’s after-Thanksgiving Sunday feast at my place- the menu is set, the recipes are gathered, and all I need to do is shop.

Back to the Nano trenches….



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3 responses to “Mondays Disappointments and Delights

  1. I felt the same disappointment about Rachel Maddow. She has already become a soothing part of my nightly winding-down routine, even when I dvr her and watch later.

  2. I was going to post some articulate comment of my own, but The Planner seems to have done a much better job than I – so I just say “ditto” to that comment 🙂

  3. Good luck with the NaNo. This is my third year. I made it last year and I’m on my last 11,000 words this year. But I was sick all last week and have had to work like made after my real job end at 5! I am bound and determined no flu shall steal my certificate.

    Where do you get the crowns?

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