A Quick Late Night Theatre Recommendation

BC and I headed over to Carnegie Mellon today to take in their production of Into The Woods. I was less than excited in advance- I was a college theatre major and know how bad college musicals can be. But this, this was the real deal. The 2 plus hours flew by and those of you who can go see this should, if only to take in the lovely Amanda Jane Cooper as the hilarious Little Red Riding Hood. Zachary Berger, as Cinderella’s prince and the very risque’ bad wolf, has the kind of voice that makes you close your eyes and sigh. It was sold out today, so if you’re local, get your tickets now- the show closes on the 22nd.

We went from the show and gorged ourselves on Chinese and sushi at New Dumpling House. Then BC and I snuck off from the group and ended up on a bench eating yummy ice cream cones. I love friend dates. We laughed at dinner until tears ran down my face and I almost shot sushi rice out my nose. We watched the leaves blow across the campus and both just glowed and said “yes,” just quiet enough for each other to hear. And I remembered that we are family. And how lucky I am to have him as my chosen family.

Even if I have to drag myself out of bed tomorrow and help him move in the cold and rain. Hey, there’ll be beer and pizza when it’s all done. And probably enough laughs to live on into Monday. And I owe him- he did once lug all of my stuff from DC in a flood. Twice in two days. The man is a saint. Bless his dear gay heart. All six feet of him.



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3 responses to “A Quick Late Night Theatre Recommendation

  1. Real Live Theater

    It is good to know that theater is alive and well at Carnegie Mellon and that Little Red and Wolf were well cast. Keep up the great posts — every bit helps to keep live theater alive. Cheers!

  2. No food problems to report?! It sounds like a super evening indeed. Glad to hear you’re doing better.

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