New Age Hooey… Eerily Effective

When I sat down to work on my “101 in 1001 Days” list, a friend of mine mentioned that I should  read “The Secret,” a notion I promptly added to my list of reasons to question why I have friends who buy into such new-agey hooey. In general, I’m a pretty cynical, practical type and the idea of “putting it out into the universe,” is the equivalent in my head of covering my body in crystals and patchouli oil. But then, I made the list. And started to actually see things happening.

Having the list, and being the type who loves to cross off projects on my list, definitely helped.  I check up on it every so often and see what’s on there that I can do or work toward. The only career-related goal on the list was to convince my boss to let me telework part-time. Really, I wanted more, like to work on the projects I like, feel respected, maybe travel a little bit more, etc. And on my travel list? To go back to New Orleans again- one of my favorite cities in the world.

So, Thursday night I stayed late at the office to work on some projects and clear a little more off my desk before my office move at the end of the month. In my new space, instead of having my own office, I’m moving into a cube in a shared office with some clerical types, in a different department. And I’m willing to suck that up, even if it does mean my lunchtime internet surfing and personal call quotient would be much lower. But then at 6:30 on Thursday, I got an email. From the headquarters in New Orleans.

“We may have an opening in our department heading up a project. Would you be interested?”

Me: “I’d definitely be interested in hearing more details.”

“We could set it up virtually. Then if you wanted to move down in the future we could work out the details.”

Me: “Great. Let me know when you post the opening. I’d definitely apply.”

“No need. Just send me a resume. We can do it as a transfer without competition and make it happen in two weeks.”

Well, blow me over with a feather. A new job, on a national project, working from home, created just for me, that would require me to travel a few times a year to New Orleans (on their dime)? There are two or three details to be hammered out, but by this time next month, I could be crawling from bed to the laptop to work. In pajamas. For the same money I make now, plus better options for future promotions, plus no more working on silly local reports, just national level planning projects.

Thank you, universe, if you’re out there. While this putting things out there list is working, could you also send those motorcycle boots? I’m off to dangle crystals from my chakras. Cause just maybe, the cynic in me could be convinced. If Oprah’s “vision board” can get Obama elected, then my own little list just may have something to it.

Fingers crossed that the two or three dealbreakers that would keep me from taking the offer will be worked out tomorrow. If so, I’m off to my new office in a month. It’s called the spare bedroom, or the coffee shop around the corner. Or a room in my favorite hotel in New Orleans with a cafe au lait and delicious croissant in front of me.

I am feeling lucky. Or blessed. Or maybe, just maybe, like all that hard work is finally paying off.



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11 responses to “New Age Hooey… Eerily Effective

  1. Oh my god Eleanor’s Trousers! That would be SO AWESOME! If you get that new job you should DEFINITELY get the boots! You know, so you can wear them with your pajamas while working from home…

    Good luck, good luck, good luck.

  2. Also sending good luck vibes out into the universe, (against my normally cynical nature.)

    And hey, I’m headed to New Orleans this weekend for the first time since Katrina and I’d love to hear any suggestions of favorite places you’d recommend, since it sounds like you’ve been there more than I have!

  3. Nicole

    Congratulations! I love to hear news like this– it gives the rest of us hope. Now I’m curious about what you do for a living, though I definitely understand if you don’t feel like sharing the details with the blogosphere. Cheers!

  4. GYL

    I am writing my own list as I type….well, not really, cos I can’t type one handed. Hope it all turns out for you – yay!

  5. Congrats! I am not sure whether I love or hate when this universe/new age stuff works out – but I am starting to think I just don’t care. I recently read The Secret too and realized I was already doing a lot of what it preaches anyway. Maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about labels and just go with whatever works.

    Congrats again!

  6. make it a beignet instead of a croissant. ok enough about me. good for you!

  7. creatist

    ahaa! that’s bliss 😀
    it’s the universe and your hard work.. 😀

    so happy for ya

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