Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Today’s supposed to be the first snowfall of the season here in Pittsburgh. I woke up with a dried out throat thanks to sleeping with my little portable heater on High/ 80 degrees all night right beside the bed. It’s my second day in a pair of cute new tights, with cute new bargain-shopped winter suit. And it’s the first day I grabbed a scarf to go with my coat on my way out the door. Winter is here, my dears, and for once- I’m prepared.

My winter-phobia became a joke among my friends after one particularly belligerent bourbon-filled discussion. I alleged that historically the best and the brightest and most creative Americans must have been Southern, because their ancestors were smart enough to move somewhere where it only snowed 2 or 3 days a year. By this genius drunken theory, that left a less desirable evolutionary pool in the North of people not smart enough to get away from all the nasty snow and ice. My concluding stroke of brilliance- “Don’t blame me! I’m no eskimo!”

“I’m no eskimo” and “you’re no eskimo” are now part of the regular conversation any time I start whining about winter. I’ve also been informed several times that if I like, I am free to take my whiny, non-eskimo self back to where I came from.

To which I have to reply, “But it’s so cheap  to live up here in this miserable weather!”.



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4 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. I grew up in a place so far south I had to buy my first winter coat to live in northern Florida.

    Just living in Texas, I have a full wardrobe of coats, gloves, hats for the 10 days per year when it gets chilly (or when I travel).

    How does a good Southern girl handle an actual winter every day?

  2. Ha! See I would be the person arguing that you are all poor decision makers – California is the best!

    Not that I live there anymore.

  3. Amy

    I finally broke out my winter coat on Monday… though I grumbled the entire time while doing so, and I’m still not happy about it. I don’t mind the snow. It’s pretty. It’s the cold that makes me nuts.

  4. I live in Rhode Island, and I’m SO not a winter baby. I complain about the cold when September hits. To me, anything less than 70 is winter. It doesn’t matter that I grew up in snow drifts two feet high three months out of the year. I HATE THE COLD!

    It was supposed to snow here the other day, too. It didn’t, but it was still wicked cold when I left for work. Unacceptable.

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