Back to the Ol’ Grind

And today, I’m back in the office. Progress folks!

Of course, my return was somewhat marred by an email I sent a supervisor that was taken completely the wrong way- I asked, mentioning that I deferred to her decision, about whether I was being reassigned to a new workgroup and the name of my department had changed based on a diagram of our new office space being sent around. She took it as my being unwilling to be a team player. Ugh. By the time we stopped emailing and were face-to-face, I’d managed to work up to almost tears. Which is never exactly the level of professionalism I want to display in the workplace. And made me look like a big baby whiner over a silly office move (in which I am the sole person from my department in a totally different suite with people from another department). I thought I had a valid point, but I didn’t bring my A game.

It must be Monday. Only 432 more emails in my inbox. I should have stayed on the good drugs for the day….

Instead, I’m off to see a bad movie, grab takeout, and huddle up with some grad school homework. And maybe Tuesday will be better- even if it’s supposed to snow. Hope all of your Mondays were lighter on you!



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2 responses to “Back to the Ol’ Grind

  1. Oh no! There’s no crying at work! I’m so sorry it got to that point for you.

    I think the way I’d handle this is to march in tomorrow, be absolutely charming to all the new people (aka, everyone around me), and then act like the supervisor is crazypants herself for thinking I’m anything but thrilled for this great opportunity to meet all these new people at the company and blame all miscommunications on the heavy drugs I was taking for the surgery.

  2. My boss routinely makes my coworkers and I cry. Luckily, we’ve at least learned to control it until we’re alone. Sorry you had such a crappy first day back!

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