Her High-ness

Bizarre Percoset-flamed revelations of the day:

-Apparently I am not so good with gender identifiers and my meds- evidence? Saying “Thanks lady” to the gentleman offering to drop off dinner later this evening.

-Either I am in withdrawal and scratching like a crackhead, or I really need a shower because I am one itchy gal right about now. I’m betting on needing a shower… it has been two days.

-I am not entirely sure whether my end-of-class submission email for my writing portfolio was coherent. The project was done pre-drugs, but the email attached may not actually be intelligible when I sober up.

-Saltines are so delicious.

-My feet are cold, but I am too lazy to climb the stairs and get socks, so I am staying warm by lying partially under  the cushions of my couch.

-Did I mention how good saltines are?

Good night.



Filed under Daily Life

2 responses to “Her High-ness

  1. I do that couch things too!

  2. i agree, saltines are great

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