The truthiness factor

The best I can do on this blog is to give you my version of the truth. And sometimes in retrospect, the truth has a certain “truthiness” factor. When I am flailing about the worst day ever, or bemoaning some betrayal, or spelling out my day at work, objectivity is not always the goal.

This blog is not journalism. If you ask BC about me on any given day, he would probably describe me totally differently than I would describe myself. When I am feeling driven and successful, my boss might beg to disagree. When I have warm fuzzy family moments, they may be utterly forgettable to the other family members involved. And when my ex-fiance’ crushes me, I may not be blameless in his eyes.

But, the best I can hope to offer on this blog is the truth of my own perspective, myself as the center of my universe. Sometimes it spins out of control. Sometimes it is melodramatic. Sometimes it involves lots of bourbon. And sometimes it is funny, very, very funny.

That’s my life.



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4 responses to “The truthiness factor

  1. Bee

    I feel ya. I wrote this about my ‘yuppie guilt’ and totally pissed off my aunt and then had to write this, the worst ppl would think is my cuzs are party animals who have a bit of cash. There are worse things!)

    I mean ppl should know better – the blog is all about me, me, me! They are merely bit players and shouldn’t concern themselves too much with the script 😉

  2. It can involve bourbon and being funny. I did a post about my flaws for someone elses perspective and it helped me out quite a bit. I didn’t change anyhting, but I realized that I am not perfect…who wouldv’e known?!?!?!?!?

  3. was there blog criticism somewhere that i missed? i love your blog. who wants to read about someone who is always objective? that’s no fun. and p.s. no one is always objective. it’s impossible. or it’s fake.

  4. teality

    This is so true, and something that has to be realized when we are reading other people’s blogs or writing them ourselves. It’s better to read opinionated writing in blogs, anyway.

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