It’s Got to Be Friday Somewhere

Because it sure isn’t here. In a frantic dash about today, I went for a quick EKG and chest x-ray this morning as surgery prep, then huffed off on two buses to get to work.

While waiting for the second bus and talking to an older woman at the bus stop, she noticed a small blonde girl toddling toward the street and jumped up. After a few minutes of yelling we realized no mother was in sight and I dialed 911 from my cell phone. The poor little darling was stone silent and looking at us with a trembly bottom lip, but hadn’t quite burst into tears when a woman dashed out of the library and scooped her up.

“Are you her mother?” we asked. “No, her mom’s inside. Her name’s Natalia. We were frantic looking for her.” Turns out Mom had left story time to change baby brother and come back to find the wee one had wandered off, out of the library, and almost into oncoming traffic. Mom comes outside, baby brother in tow, and collapses sitting on the curb with both kids scooped into her arms. The police confirm everyone is who say they are and leave. And I realize I have another thirty minutes to wait, now that I’ve missed my bus waiting to find out how it all resolved.

And while I got a warm fuzzy for helping out… my boss was none too fuzzy when I showed up thirty minutes later than I said I would. So much for the noble deeds paying off in this life. (But, I’m glad Natalia’s mommy has been found).



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2 responses to “It’s Got to Be Friday Somewhere

  1. oh that’s one of my worst fears. your good deed will come back to you! maybe not immediately with your boss but it’s banked somewhere in goodkarmaland.

  2. Thank you for not harshing on the mother. You presented that very well without being judgemental. I remember one time taking my two-year-old son in to a changing room with me. The second I took my shirt off, he darted off under the changing room door, and then hid in the middle of a rack of clothes. I was trying to find my child, in the middle of a store in only my bra and panties, and he thought we were playing hide and go seek. It was at that point that I decided that if someone was going to take him – they would probably bring him back!

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