The great debate about whether or not to have Mom up to visit for the surgery is resolved. She will stay in Atlanta and worry while BC becomes my babysitter. Luckily, not only is he my best friend, but he is still carrying around vacation time from last year that he has to use. Since I have the good cable and he has no t.v., he’s sacrificing a few days to come enjoy the pleasures of Tivo and On Demand while waiting on me hand and foot after toting me back and forth to the hospital.

The older and more single I become, the more amazed I am to have such a wonderful best friend. Over the past eight years he and I have both had bad boyfriends, great and not-so-great apartments, work problems, family issues, and lots of laughs over bad reality tv. And when it comes down to it, we are eachother’s family. The kind of family who dashes over when it’s your birthday and you’re home alone crying in bed. The kind of family who buys you a cocktail to celebrate not having cancer. The kind of family who uses their vacation time on a moment’s notice to watch you doped up and in pain until you can be unsupervised.

And luckily for me, the type of family who used to be my roommate and doesn’t require a full house scrubdown to come over.


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  1. That is the perfect kind of family.

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