No news is no news

Still no results from the doctors, so I’ll have to leave you with a conversation between BC and I:

BC: So, they did a biopsy?

E: Yep.

BC: So…. could this be bad news?

E: Well, it could be cancer, I guess. Apparently stomach cancer is one of those things that gives you a year or so…

BC: Well, darlin’. I love you. I say if it’s the big C, you move to New Orleans for the duration.

E: I may do that anyway. Wanna come?

BC: Why not? We can’t work though. It’ll get in the way of our cocktails.

E: Speaking of, work is getting in the way of my cocktails right now. What are you doing later?

BC: Say the word.

E: Bourbon.

BC: Ooooooh. Chills….



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3 responses to “No news is no news

  1. But seriously? Works gets in the way of everything.

  2. Hehehe, I love friends like that! Here’s to hoping you don’t have cancer!

  3. letigreinfrance

    I didn’t realise the medical problems were that serious….I hope you find out very soon what it is…I’m worried now!

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