Back to Work, Back to Waiting

I’m feeling a little random today (maybe it’s the after-effects of the anesthesia from yesterday?) so you’ll have to forgive me if I ramble between topics a bit.

Health updates: Yesterday’s endoscopy was over before I knew it started (thanks to my being unconscious) and I feel pretty good today except for a sore throat. However, the doctor popped his head in briefly while I was in recovery and mentioned that they didn’t see any ulcers, but had done “a quick biopsy of some tissue” and would get back to me later in the week. Then he left. Um. I was a little out of it at the time, but the word “biopsy” and the implication that there was something unusual has me a little on pins and needles. I’m hoping they’re just being extra-cautious and it’s nothing, but I have to admit I’m a little more nervous about the biopsy results than any other test. Nothing to be done until they call with the results, so I’m truckin’ on with the best case scenarios as best as possible while trying not to freak out those who love me.

Work: My new “good” boss is starting to get a little tense about getting the department perfect after a few weeks. I’m doing my best to take her concerns seriously while actually knowing that perfection is going to take a while around here. I nod very grimly and assure her we will improve as quickly as possible, while knowing that may be another fiscal quarter in the works. It seems to be working.  Well, that and working for comp time on Saturdays.  

Stephanie Klein: I now have dreams about bloggers. Last night I dreamt that Stephanie Klein  had been pregnant again (since the adorable twins) and had 14 additional babies (at once) but never mentioned them on her blog.  In the dream, I was writing her emails asking for updates about the other babies since she only ever wrote about Lucas and Abigail. It was such a realistic dream that it took a serious conversation with myself this morning to explain that there was no chance anyone had given birth to 14 babies and was at home blogging. Period. My brain is a very strange place to be.

Football: Go Georgia Bulldogs! Steelers … sigh… better luck next week. That is all.

Ridiculously Geeky New Hobby: OK, I am a postal mail junkie. I actually write letters and put stamps on them and mail them out. I own stamps of different denominations for different sized mail. So, when I discovered PostCrossing  where I can send out and receive postcards from all over the world, I swore to send and receive one. Except now that I got a little hooked, I’m sending like ten a month. So far, I’ve gotten cards from Dracula’s Castle in Romania, exotic Cleveland, and Canada. And I have cards out to all over Europe and the US. I love getting mail. It’s the little things in life….

Reading: I’ve had tons of time to read in waiting rooms lately, so right now I have four or five books going at the same time. I need to quit my job so I can read books full-time. Now that would be a dream job. Except even if I were a professional editor or publisher, I’d have to read my share of crappy books instead of what I want to read. What job would that be?



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3 responses to “Back to Work, Back to Waiting

  1. Biopsy: I went through exactly the same procedure years ago and it was really routine to just grab some tissue as long as they’re in there.

    They never found an ulcer for me, either. Eventually, my situation healed itself and I’ve never had another recurrence. It had been for me extreme stress coupled with a poor (law school) diet.

  2. Stamps?!?!?!?

    Do they still make those things? I couldn’t tell you the cost of one of those anymore.

  3. Hi! I’m apparently still in third grade and love getting mail! Want a postcard or two from SF?

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