Happy Bridal Shower DuWaxLoolu!

Jess, one of my favorite bloggers to read, is getting married to Torsten, her loverly German husband-to-be, soon. And we threw a bloggy shower, mailing cards and recipes from all over to the lovely miss to be delivered this evening. I’m actually a little nervous- I hope she likes the recipes I sent. It’s always hard to know what people will enjoy but I sent the best I had (even if they will totally blow her Weight Watchers plan). I guarantee she’ll be making them fat-free when I’m not looking. And I love her and her site for it.

Jess, thank you so much for being there for me when I called off my big day with all of your supportive comments. And I know you chose quality and real love. So, best wishes to you and Torsten on your special day! I know it will be a fabulous purple-filled shebang and you can lay on the beach with your new Kindle full of books and enjoy starting your wonderful married life together. May every day the two of you share be as happy as the first. (I somehow suspect they will be even happier- when it’s right, it’s right).

Much love,

Eleanor (and her trousers)


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  1. You are too, too sweet, and thank you so much for this post. I’m so glad that we “met.”

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