Results- or not

This weekend I finally talked my insurance into letting me head to the emergency room. Only to be told to wait on my tests and given an i.v. liter of fluid to keep me from shriveling up. Then this morning I went in for the ultrasound. To be told that the doctor would review the results, call my doctor, and I would eventually get the results from her. Sigh. But I have added yet another med to my day- which brings me up to 7 pills a day. Even with all that, I still got sick twice yesterday. Results, not so much.

Tonight was book club and I managed to throw together a delicious mango & black bean salsa if I do say so myself. The food at book club is mostly delicious vegetarian and vegan fare and I have to admit, so far I’m still not sick. Maybe I need that all organic life for a while. I couldn’t imagine giving up the occasional fried food (dear Lord, I’m Southern), but a few weeks of healthy living may be the ticket. Fingers crossed that this holds up for the night. I’m looking forward to draggin’ my pile of Barnes & Noble purchases to bed right now and crawling into the $12 300 thread count sheets I found in the bargain bin at Bed, Bath & Beyond. It’s bedtime. And I  am so looking forward to it.


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  1. I didn’t used to believe there was a difference in the quality of sheets until my wife found some in the bargain bin.

    The difference is amazing and I have come to loathe the other sheets in the house.

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