Clearing Out the Attic

What rambles around in my brain never ceases to amaze me. One morning I woke up with the song “Green Tambourine” rattling around until lunchtime… even though I can’t actually remember the last time I heard that song. Today my head keeps repeating the phrase “Je vais aller au plage.” Even though I think the actual French phrase correctly stated would be “a la plage.” Yes, my high school French student self apparently is going to the beach. Yesterday afternoon out of nowhere the children’s song “Ten Little Indians” popped up, followed closely by “Ten Little Monkeys.”

What I could with the brain space all of this is taking up! Along with the intricate memories of episodes of “Friends” (which I wasn’t even a manic fan of), the theme songs for ads from cartoons I watched as a kid, the fact that the furry version of Cabbage Patch Dolls were called Koosas. I wish there was a way to do brain spring cleaning.

I was reading Cicero and Aristotle this morning for my grad school rhetoric class. While I found both pieces incredibly useful and insightful, I can almost guarantee that they will both have evaporated from my brain long before even the end of the semester. But the name of the brand of disposable contacts I used four years ago? Right on the tip of my tongue at the eye doctor’s this morning.

I am constantly reading how little of our brain’s true capacity we actually use. Well, if I’m only using the guest bedroom of my brain, it is overflowing. If only the stuff I was storing there was useful.


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  1. I was thinking the same thing the other day when I was looking at old pictures from college, and I could remember the exact name and make of the lipstick I was wearing (Revlon Mocha Ice long-wearing lipstick) but couldn’t for the life me remember half of what I learned in four years of classes.

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