The Gall of It All

I have now been being treated for acid reflux for over eight weeks. With no results. My writing and work is really suffering from the fact that five or six nights a week I get three hours of sleep (or less). I have doubled the meds, angled myself while sleeping, taken pain meds, upped my fiber, tried dropping danger foods and the whole lot of it. And I still wake up in writhing pain, vomit my guts out, and pretty much dread dinner and the evening every night in case the pain comes back again.

And then my mom called. And mentioned that my cousin had the exact same symptoms. Except they removed her gall bladder. Which of course would not be made better with acid meds. So, I looked it up. And there they are. The exact symptoms I have. Which tend to occur in women between 20 and 40 more often, especially those who lose a lot of weight quickly or put it back on. (Which definitely happened after the fiance’ tragedy).

So, tomorrow, while I wait the three weeks to get in for endoscopy, I’m calling the doctor back. Because the test for gall stones can be as simple as an ultrasound. And because, minus potential complications, having the whole thing removed resolves everything (like it did for my cousin).

And really, the gall of it all is that I suspect if I had gone to the emergency room in agonizing pain and vomiting in the middle of the night they would have run the tests and I swear, found out and fixed this already. But because I’ve been blindly listening to my doctor and taking medicine for something that isn’t a direct symptom match, I’ve become a 90 year old who only talks about her feeble health and skips meals for naps.

I’m a wee bit pissed right now. I’m no google doctor, but I know a perfect match when I see one.



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5 responses to “The Gall of It All

  1. Gosh, that totally sucks! I hope you can get in for an ultrasound quickly and they can take care of it. The only other thing I could possibly think of could be a gluten allergy. I’ve heard those often go undiagnosed…but I don’t think the symptoms are quite the same as what you have. May still be worth checking into though.

  2. Good luck getting this resolved. Thank goodness for cousins. Umm… or something.

  3. Google is smarted than most doctors.

  4. i had my gall bladder removed…
    after i made a friend take me to the ER in the middle of the night sure i was dying of a heart attack…
    wow…it was like i felt INSTANTLY better…
    best wishes sugar

  5. Sue Lopez

    Oh heck – yes, same thing happened to my bro-in-law, and cos he’s not “fair, fat and fifty” he was treated for acid reflux for 10 years to no avail … they diagnosed gall stones last year, when he was 31, he had his gall bladder whipped out and is absolutely fine now.

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