Results Oriented

A real live phone call from my doctor at my desk phone this afternoon- and I thank heavens for my good government health insurance plan once again. The tests are back and reviewed. X-ray: all clear. Stool sample (eww): all good. Blood work: good, but I was a little “dry”- no water or food since the night before most likely causing the result. Blood, we’ll test again. And the upper GI barium swallow? Yep. It’s definitely acid reflux. Irritation all over the place.

So, where do we go from here? She asks if I’ve been doing better with the medicine. Not so much. Skipping dinner has been much more effective. And thanks to the wonders of wonderful internet commenters, I tried a helping of Alleve after dinner last night to cut into the fear/ panic/ pain cycle. And you know what? At least for last night, it worked! I was a little acid-y after dinner and swallowed down the pain meds. And I SLEPT! All night, straight through until morning. I even hit snooze a few times to enjoy the sensation.

Doc recommended doubling the nightly Zantac before bed. And I’m hoping between that and the Alleve, I should be a sleeper who also eats. Or an eater who can sleep. Because she mentioned that if I’m still getting sick I should schedule for an endoscope. Swallowing a camera on a giant tube is not on my agenda if I can possibly help it.

I may not have mentioned it before, but my gag reflux is not exactly weak. In fact, brushing my teeth makes me a little heavy even on a good day. My throat gets a little panicky at the idea of swallowing any sort of tube. So, I hereby vow to be a very good girl. And take my meds and eat bland, mushy, small amounts of food for weeks. Because I am a girl who likes to get results- and not the kind that come from invasive medical procedures. Not if I can help it.



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6 responses to “Results Oriented

  1. The endoscopy is not bad … they put you in twilight so you have no memory of anything beyond the initial prep. My next memory was being helped off the table and onto a bed. Nothing to it.

    Did you talk with your doctor about the Aleve? Might that aggravate things?

  2. Ugh, it sucks to have acid reflux! But it’s good that you know and you’re taking steps to resolve the problem.

  3. Not good new, I’m sure, but it probably could have been worse. Of course, it’s easy for me to say that since I only get a little indigestion every now and again. Like Sue above said, I would really hope they would put you out for something like that.

  4. Damn, woman! I hope you and the doc figure it out soon. I am a reluctant member of the acid reflux club too and when we got my meds right I would have kissed the floor but I was too busy overeating and drinking!

  5. creatist

    oh sweetie! do get well soon… mah best wishes.. 🙂

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