Giving Up Dinner

Dinner is the best meal of the day, hands down. All the must-do’s of the day are done. There’s time to make something a little more special, or join friends to eat out. Unless, of course, you are me.

Thanks to the ol’ stomach problems, if I eat dinner lately, I am up all night with my face in a trash can. Glamorous, no? The meds are useless so far and the test results from my x-rays, upper GI scan, and blood work won’t be in until the end of the week. Until they figure this all out, I have to make the choice every night between dinner and sleep (without the two hours hurling until I moan and beg the baby Jesus to take me home).

Choosing between major life functions makes for some interesting prioritizing. Some days, the temptation of good friends and good food wins out. Some days I wake up as the bus reaches my street and crawl off and back to bed. And in general, I’m a bit of a delirious disaster- always hungry or tired or both. The best eat/ sleep combo I have found so far was the two days I lived on 2 chocolate Pop Tarts sticks for lunch and nothing else. I actually didn’t feel hungry and I went to bed and slept through the night flat on my stomach like I used to before the doctor insisted on propping myself up on my back or my side at a 30 degree angle. But a woman cannot live on Pop Tart sticks alone.

Last night I had steak dinner plans. Complete with good conversation, a floaty skirt, and a sweet potato on the side with butter and cinnamon. I followed steak dinner with a pint of ice cream each and a Tivo’d documentary on the couch. And at 11 pm, I followed a lovely evening with the trash can. Until after 2 am.

I understand that these things take time. Really I do. And that acid reflux is not the worst possible scenario. But hours of pain and vomiting every night is starting to make me wonder whether this will ever end. Until they figure this all out, it looks like I’ll only be taking invitations for lunch dates.



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7 responses to “Giving Up Dinner

  1. 😦 It kinda ruins the wonderful joy of food. I hope you feel better

  2. when i had reflux i could not eat any of the things you are describing — especially not for dinner. what about stuff like oatmeal, toast, rice, applesauce for the last meal? i know that those are not social foods, but you’re between a rock and a hard place — if you don’t eat to the point you’re hungry, your acid production can get out of whack, but of course eating hard to digest food sends it haywire. that steak dinner sounds awesome, but i’ve been well for maybe 6 years but meat plus dairy, especially restaurant amounts would still kill me.

    changing my diet, excercising more, reducing stress, eating much less crap and more whole foods (i still eat fattening foods, but i try to limit the dairy and i try to eat fresh stuff — homemade pasta with good olive oil and garlic, etc). protien used to kill me. prescription meds didn’t really help enough, and i got to the point that any little pain or nausea made me so stressed and anxious that the fear of having an attack really messed up my stomach, and gave me an attack anyway. it was like i was traumatized. stress reduction helped, as did combining pain killers with my acid meds, to break they cycle of pain=fear=anxiety=pain. i also had both kinds of ulcers, duodenal and peptic — it took a while for those to heal, but when they did things improved.

    my fella, who has a different kind of stomach problem, got me into “green vibrance” it’s a supplement, a green health-foody powder that you combine with juice in the morning and drink and it had greatly helped hi regulate his system, and helps me feel better and healthier in general. he got such severe pain from eating anything that after a while we couldn’t go for walks on the weekends, he’d worry about going out, it was really dampening his enjoyment of life, and this stuff helped him (his dr. recommended it).

    god luck! food is the best, and stomach problems are the worst. i hope those Dr.s can get to the bottom of it pronto!

  3. Ugh! That really sounds horrible. I hope the Dr’s can figure something out soon and you can get some relief. Did this just start happening in the last couple of months because if so, do they think it could be stress related? God knows you have been through hell and back and this is only making it worse. I would be willing to try anything at this point. Keep your chin up!

  4. I really hope you feel better, soon!

  5. Eleanor I have this situation too. It’s horrible acid reflux for me and probably for you too as your symptoms are exactly the same as mine, but as I’m not a doctor I don’t really know. I have to eat light early in the evening and sleep propped up too. Nexium proved to be my miracle drug but it took a little while to work. Then, tragically, I got a different insurance company and they wouldn’t cover it, so I take OTC Zantac now which doesn’t work nearly as well. My acid reflux gets a million times worse if I’m stressed as I know you are right now. Things that have helped me are doing sit ups and crunches (strengthens stomach muscles to keep acid down), avoiding coffee (torture) and sodas and minty foods. As I write this I have a crook in my neck from sleeping propped up. I’m so sorry. I hope you feel better soon.

  6. Oh I forgot to say that I also take pro-biotics, but the real kind that have to be refrigerated. You may want to look into food allergies/ sensitivities as well.

  7. letigreinfrance

    Argh, I’ve never had this so I can only imagine…I hope it gets better soon, I know basically nothing about acid reflux…

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