It’s Over Already?

How did the weekend come and go so quickly? I swear I just left the office and here I am procrastinating on packing my bag for work tomorrow. Sigh. At least this week is somewhat slower paced than last week without 2,000 meetings on my Outlook calendar. I do need to check on whether I am scheduled to do a training tomorrow that I forgot to jot down…  think it’s possible. Oops.

Anyway, the work-life balance around these parts has gotten a little wonky. I’ve been in the office from 8 am to pm quite a few days in the last few weeks (and finally got up the nerve to ask for some comp time for all the hours I’m putting in). My new boss had me do a fairly important briefing to the Director on my own last week which went over like gangbusters- but work begets more work, so she asked for several follow-up reports that have really cut into my net surfing and blogging time at the office.

Friday night I actually managed to leave at 4:30 pm. Which made me a little anxious, but I bravely plugged along home. BC called and picked me up for what was supposed to be an hour of cocktails and became an all night affair in the back room of a dive bar with a free jukebox. I apologize to anyone who had to listen to our all late 90’s, all the time mix (complete with singing along). When he dropped me at my door we swore to make travel plans for our next vacation as soon as we could save the money and vacation time. A girl and her best guy pal need on the road adventures to feed the fire. New Orleans in October, perhaps?

Saturday was an all day reading fest with my new box full of books. By the time the Steelers game started, I was a little drowsy, but decided to meet up with some acquaintances to watch the game on a big screen with bottled beer. I stayed sober, and the Steelers won. I don’t think there’s any connection there, but you never know.

And finally, this morning was an unexpected visit from my friend B who wanted to go out for breakfast way too early. I begged off on the grounds that I hadn’t even gotten my eyeliner off my cheeks from sleeping in it. I tried a sort of “Mad Men” red lips and black eyeliner thing to go with my cute dress on Saturday night. It was a little over the top, but other than a stained pillowcase, there were no casualties from my experiment. I do love the bright red short nails and pedicure I did….

There are meatballs in the crock pot and piles of laundry to do, so I’m off to pretend I have the enthusiasm to get back on the bus tomorrow. If I have a really hard time of it, maybe I’ll try the red lipstick again for homemaking…



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3 responses to “It’s Over Already?

  1. I saw the last ten seconds of the game, so basically just Jeff Reed’s amazing kick. Usually I can’t watch Steeler games because they end up losing if I pay attention.

  2. I kind of wish I could dress exclusively from the Mad Men wardrobe. I love me some shifts.

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