I love my job

Or I must love my job, because it is now 9:17 pm and I have been in my office since 7:30 am. Dear readers, I would have written but I am swampety swamped. I’ll be back here at 6:00 am with bells on. Or at least I should wear bells- to wake me up when I start to slump over my desk.



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5 responses to “I love my job

  1. good morning, good luck, and all that jazz! hopefully you’re getting paid for staying late. yay for you for being a dedicated employee though. : )

  2. I am pretty sure I have a pair of undies with bells on them (don’t ask me why) I am pretty sure you should get yourself some.

  3. I can’t imagine loving my job THAT much…. although I have been known to stay at the newspaper office from 12-12….

  4. creatist

    ohman ..that’s badddddd. do they pay you? for over-time? i am working on weekends 😛 so can really understand.. but too long, too long..when do you rest..

  5. Come up for air, we’re starting to miss you!

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