Friday Randomness

Today, for your reading pleasure, a collection of random information that I can’t really tie together other than, this is what’s going on, in my head, on my desktop, and happening this weekend:

  • This doctor in Arkansas should have lost her medical license for sterilizing a patient with “learning difficulties” with her consent. While I understand the doctor claims another pregnancy could have been life threatening to her patient, I firmly believe a woman has a right to be informed about her choices and make her own (good or bad) decisions.
  • I finally got around to seeing Superbad last night. I know I’m a year behind everyone else, but can I just say, there were times I laughed until I almost peed a little? I was afraid it was going to be another American Pie, but it was so much smarter than all that.
  • This weekend I’m out of town (again) and headed to the Ohio State Fair. Last year, I bought a rug and some coasters from an Amish woman and survived all day on funnel cake and various fried dessert items. This year- who knows?
  • The Kyle Payne situation has further evolved- he’s placed a response to the internet about his actions and subsequent guilty plea for assaulting a woman in his care as an RA. I’m hesitant to give him any more press. His “remorse” is underwhelming at best, and after he personally emailed me to notify me of his upcoming post, I was creeped out. There is some great ongoing coverage and comment on Mr. Payne here, here, here, and here. Still waiting to hear whether an extension on his sentencing has been granted as requested, or whether things will move forward August 11 as planned.
  • BBB has enlisted me as an ally against her foe, a woman she blames her non-promotion on. Um, sorry if I’m not the sympathetic….
  • In progress on my 101 in 1001 this week: #11- go to Waffle House will be happening tonight on the drive to Columbus (yum!), #30- my eye doctor appointment will happen on 9/4, #51- all done updating my 100 things about me to remove fiance’ references, #72- the library books are back at their home (after um, a YEAR)- I know I’m horrible and am taking a library hiatus for bad behavior, #78- sent a postcard, #80- went to bookclub 1 of the 2 times required, #99 – sent 2 postcrossing postcards out. When they get received and registered, someone will send me one.

And I’ll leave you all with words of wisdom from this site’s namesake:

“It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Have a good weekend. I’ll be Twittering from the state fair if anything fun comes up (link in the sidebar).


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4 responses to “Friday Randomness

  1. really? i thought superbad was super. bad. it made me feel not only old, but anciently old. i was thinking, is that what kids are like these days? what am i, 65?

  2. “It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

    Oh, how I wish that were true. See, now if I’d said how I plan that were true, I’d need graphing paper and pens and flowcharts, maybe even market research. Oh no, wishing uses so much less energy! Have fun at the fair. 🙂

  3. Just wondering what you thought of Knocked Up…same guy wrote them both. Haven’t seen Superbad – but had same response to Knocked Up. Was so very very funny and sharp at times – at other times made me gasp with how offensive it was…

    Eleanor: I actually never saw Knocked Up. After the lead actress was quoted saying she found it offensive, I figured it really wasn’t worth my time.

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