Ch ch ch changes

I may have mentioned BBB, my Big Bad Boss, the woman who makes my eyes bleed and sends me home with stomach ulcers. She has been known to call me at home at 7:30 am on vacation days, to expect me to stay five hours late without any additional pay or comp time, sent me to conferences because she didn’t want to go, only offered me a permanent position when I got engaged because “it shows stability,” refused me training and then wrote me up for not knowing how to do the thing I asked to be trained in, and all around made my work life a barely tolerable situation for a very long time.

Well, BBB’s boss got a promotion and moved on, which means good ol’ BBB put in for his job. And because karma is better than I imagined, she did not get the job. It seems some of the other staff made it clear that if BBB was promoted they would leave and passed along to management some of the horror stories.  Not only that, but she’s got quite a few union actions and discrimination claims on her plate. Grin.

Today, we meet BBB’s new boss, a lovely woman I’ve attended several conferences with. Which means I’m one of the few staff who actually knows her. And may have cocktailed with her more than once. And it just so happens that she thinks I’m kind of brilliant. Which means now that I have my own department (I’m a boss), and the kindler, gentler, fond-of-me boss is in place, I can actually look forward to coming to the office. For heavens sake, the new boss has a “Power of Nice” sign in her office.

Welcome SuperBoss! I (and the rest of the miserable drudges around here) have been waiting a long time for you. And even though your arrival means I have a two hour staff meeting today, I will gladly smile straight through it. It’s totally worth it.



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11 responses to “Ch ch ch changes

  1. congrats! at one job i had, we had a “crying stall” — a stall in the bathroom that we’d all go to when our boss made use want to die. hooray for bosses that aren’t awful, and are perhaps actually good! i am very happy for you.

  2. HAHAHA! That is fantastic! Hopefully, this will spell out to good things for you. Good luck!

  3. YAY! Change can be so good!

  4. Do we work for the same BBB??? Congrats for breaking through to the side of the greener grass. I KNEW it existed somewhere!

  5. letigreinfrance

    Oh that’s freakin awesome! I loveeeeeeeeee karmic love and karmic retribution in action like that!!!

  6. Yay! Don’t you love it when things actually work out in a good way?

    And it’s almost the weekend! (yes, I like to plan ahead.)

  7. May BBB is in for some for some heartache too.

  8. Luna

    Congratulations! I can totally relate to having a boss from hell. Fortunately, in my industry we all transfer jobs within the organization every 2-3 years, so if you have a bad supervisor (or a bad job), you can just wait it out and look forward to the next assignment.

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  10. TwentyTwo

    This must be the week for good work karma. I’m glad all your suffering paid off in the end.

  11. Janine Falcon

    How brilliant! I’ve had a couple of fantastic bosses myself, as well as one or two horrors. Sounds like a wonderful life change for you — good things they are a comin’! Enjoy!

    (My boss is giving me a pretty new office because I’m having trouble in the makeshift clutter-corner that used to be my living room. Of course my boss is me, and the office has not yet broken the boundaries of the new Ikea catalogue, but every little bit of delight and anticipation counts — and empowers!)

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