Great Moments in Snail Journaling

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Before blogs, yes dear readers, there were these things called journals. Books with no words in them that people wrote in with a pen or pencil. On actual paper. I have stacks of them. In the interest of making myself smile (and potentially boring you all to tears), I’ve decided to post some of the late great entries from the slow old days of snail journaling. Here’s part one of the series:

June 7, 1988 (6th grade)

It is official! School is over for the summer. I miss my teachers already. They were so nice and now I have to change to some teacher I’ve never heard of! …Today was the best day ever! Scott, he was so nice in a nerdy kind of way. I think I love him but I can’t be sure! Besides, people always say he is such a nerd. I don’t know what to think. …I got a 91% on the English final! … The day was normal until P.E. Right before the bell rang Dennis came up to me and touched my cheek with his hand! He said to keep being smart and he’d see me next year. He evn said that I was sweet and that he’d be sure I never got lower than a 91% on anything! I almost fainted. Dennis has the cutest brown hair and eyes! I’m in love! I can die happy right now! After that I went to Industrial Arts class and then the school year was over. Hard to believe that I might never see some of the people in our class again. Dennis, Jason, and Craig better be back next year! Craig’s final joke was when he came up and said, “Comin’ to class today?” in his funny high voice, imitating me! Loveis soooo wonderful.

So, apparently I managed to be in love with four guys on one day in 1988. Scott, the nerd? Became Mr. Senior Class and the Student Council President. My loss. Dennis, Jason, and Craig… I’m sorry. I apparently loved you, and I’m not sure what your last names are right now. Nor can I remember your faces. But our love was strong. I know it. Nobody loves like an eleven year old girl.



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8 responses to “Great Moments in Snail Journaling

  1. You were a player before “players” were even invented.

  2. hahahaha this is too funny.
    I’d be afraid to see what I used to write about in my journals.

  3. That is so funny! I wish I still had journals from back then but it’s bad enough reading mine from 12 years ago during my first marriage. I swear I still had the brain of an 11-year old girl then even though I was 25-28. I guess some people take longer than others to grow out of puppy love?

  4. Oh my god, that is exactly like all of my journals from that time of my life!!

  5. i just found an essay i wrote when i was 13. i wrote it from the perspective of emile zola, dead and in heaven, hanging out with moses, getting analysis from freud, and reflecting on his life.

    sigh. and i wondered why i didn’t get asked out much…

  6. More! More! I love this kind of stuff.

  7. Supergirl

    Man, I wish I could find my diary. It was cute and had a (very faulty) combination lock on it. I protected that thing like it held state secrets.

  8. Bee

    LOL! I have 60 damn journals dating back to when I was 15 and on a trip to Tanzania. They are a time portal – I read em and I am back at that time and place. I was reading back over one that had stuff about my first love, and when the phone rang I was so sure it was going to be him…then I remembered I wasn’t 16 anymore.(Seeing him at school all day and then talking for 3 hours at night.)

    ….making me feel a bit nostalgic here 🙂

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