On the Road… Again

I’m hiding out in my super air conditioned hotel room in Philly from my mother, the tour director. I love my mom. She is this teeny tiny (4’10”)  high school US history teacher and the nicest lady alive. As such, when we travel together, she gets her way. Period. And now, in Philadelphia, or as I like to think of it “land of 1,000 historical places to see before lunch,” the woman has me on the run. Independence Hall, check. Constitution Center, check. Visitors Center, Eastern State Penitentiary, the “Rocky” steps, Franklin Court, Betsy Ross’s house- check. In three hours, we will be boarding a Duck Tour to see anything we may somehow have missed before we both head home tomorrow.

So, while she’s in a conference learning to teach the Constitution (which she has taught longer than I’ve  been alive), I am in the hotel room enjoying free Wi-Fi and a fruit smoothie from a street vendor. I have three hours to hit the pool on the roof with a good book. Or mail more obnoxious postcards. Or even, if I’m so inclined, take a nap. Which I just may. Mom’s idea of “sleeping in” is 8:30 am.

I am the oldest daughter of a perpetual tour director on the eternal school field trip. And I love her dearly for it. But these boots (or flip-flops)? They were made for napping. It’s vacation. And heaven knows, I needed it.


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6 responses to “On the Road… Again

  1. My mom used to be a teacher also. She had a weird obsession with wax museums. Forced us to spend HOURS in them. There are many in PA. I won’t tell your mom.

  2. I was kind of hoping for a picture of you in old grey sweats on top of the steps!

  3. I hardly see a thing when I am on vacation. I barely make it out of the room by noon most days. And then just to look for a brunch place.

  4. Eleanor I had a vacation in Philadelphia last May and you must not leave the city without Capogiro Gelato. Seriously. You will not regret this gelato. I still have dreams about it.

  5. Your mom sounds great! p.s. Enjoy the street vendor smoothie now. That’ll probably be the next salmonella/ecoli scare!

  6. Your mom and I should travel together! I drive my entire family nuts because I want to stop at each and every roadside attraction — biggest frying pan, biggest ball of yarn, button museum, etc. I really like the oddities you can find off the beaten path in some of the southern states. LOL!

    I also wanted you to know that I’ve passed along a blog award.

    Have a safe trip!

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