The Weekend Wrap Up, as usual

Let’s see, what did I get myself into this weekend?

Friday night: Performed with my bellydance class in a showcase to a packed house, had birthday cake for my mini-me, gulped down a glass of wine, shook it on the dance floor until I was drenched in sweat, took my spangly self out to meet BC for cocktails, and crashed on the couch for the night when I bumbled my way in, exhausted but happy.

Saturday: Slipped into a coma. Really. Well, ok, not exactly a medical coma. But I did wake up around noon, read for a half hour, fall back asleep until four, eat some cereal, and promptly fall back asleep until eight. PM. By that point, I decided I needed to pull myself up to standing just to retain consciousness. So, I dashed over to the grocery store for supplies and made a giant batch of leftover veggie empanadas (thanks for the idea Burghilicious– I cheated and used refrigerated pie crust). Stayed up until 4 am reading and promptly crashed barely in time to avoid seeing the sun come up.

Sunday: The weather was beautiful out when I darted awake at 10:30, so I made a quick call to my good friend D, wrangled S and J out of bed, and we all headed up to Ohiopyle to splash in the river and picnic. About 30 minutes after we had forged the stream and spread out in the sun, a freak rainstorm pelted us with what felt like hail, blotted out the sun, and in our hurry to escape before we were hit by lightning, sent D tumbling on some rocks. We all made it unscathed back to the car and drove over to a covered picnic area where we watched the rain and gorged on cream horns (a personal fave), lots of good deli pasta and veggie salads, chips, chicken wings, candy, and cheap iced tea. (Did I mention I’m on Weight Watchers … um, this was a minor points catastrophe, but so delicious). By the time we packed up and headed homeward, I didn’t have much left in me but to rub my very swollen belly and grab a copy of August Rush to couch out with. If you like the sort of mushy inspirational sad kid/ love story with a happy ending (I’m talking to you, Uptown Girls) then this a great movie to weep over. Bless that kid’s little pitiful orphan face.

The ex’s darling baby brother had sent over a copy of Gabriel Garcia Marquez short stories which kept me up well past my bedtime and by the time I finally crashed out the alarm was buzzing in my ear. This week is all about getting ready for a week out of town- four days in Orlando for work and three days vacation in Philly with my Mama while she attends a conference. I suppose I might want to do some laundry between now and then. Or else, I’ll be conferencing in my bridesmaid dress collection and all the uncomfortable underwear at the bottom of the drawer.



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6 responses to “The Weekend Wrap Up, as usual

  1. I’m semi-glad someone else has uncomfortable, bottom-of-the-drawer underwear.
    I hate when I have to break those out.

  2. I really wish I could say that I was in a belly dancing class. That sounds like a lot of fun.

    Saturday, you must have needed it!!

  3. thank you for continuing to provide fodder for my living vicariously through you. even the rain storm sounds fun. do you need recs for places to go in orlando or are you stuck in mouse-ear tourist traps? p.s. i think straight bourbon is zero points.

    Eleanor: I would be glad to take Orlando recs for stuff to do at night. I’ll be at the Marriott Grand Lakes if that helps with general location. (And unfortunately, bourbon is one point. Per cocktail. Thank heavens for all those flex points….)

  4. Your weekend sounds great. It is only Tuesday and already I am jonezing for the weekend again!

  5. oh i was going to send you to downtown or winter park but that is far. i would just spend time at their spa 😉 and don’t spend too much time on orange blossom trail. sketchy. and not in a good way.

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