Almost Inappropriate

I was just thinking I needed to get a massage, when this piece on um… the female happy ending massage appeared. And raised some serious questions about the feminist implications, the ethical dilemmas, and more to the point- how much does one tip for that kind of service?



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4 responses to “Almost Inappropriate

  1. Semichrmd

    I just read that same article – interesting right? They definitely don’t have those types of ummm services at my salon. If only…..

  2. You read Melissa Lafsky too? I say $10 is appropriate, based on absolutely nothing at all.

  3. letigreinfrance

    Argh. Making female prostitution okay because now it’s equally opportunity with women getting services from men? Not my cup of tea. Not that I realistically disagree with prostitution per se but I don’t endorse it and these kind of articles just go further to mainstreaming the idea that it’s okay.

  4. Yecats

    one of my girlfriends lives in NYC and mentioned this…she swears it happens…but who really knows. I can tell you that the last few times I’ve had one (massage, not rootytootoot) the person wasn’t someone i’d want it from…just my f’ing luck. i acutally make a note on my profile each time that i don’t want a lot of talk. maybe these places should change the verbage of such to cover more important aspects of the “rub down” i need:

    “h.e.? no/maybe…who will i be with today?/yes/hellllll yeah, do you really think i come here for the ‘masage'” type thing…

    and while they are at at. i’d like some flip flops that fit and are disposable. i HATE wearing those nasty-ass things most places provide. and skip the special water and bring me a i.v. drip full of a VERY cold dirty martini. stat. 🙂

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