Busy Pittsburgh Weekend

Highlights from a very busy weekend:

  • Stayed out after class on Thursday night bellydancing until almost midnight to a live band.
  • Met BC for happy hour on Friday (where I was the only girl in an all-boy bar). Grateful I had worn cute shoes that day.
  • Rendezvoused with the cute shoes bureaucrats for more cocktails at a swanky lounge during the local gallery crawl. Remembered how fond of them I am. Vowed to get together more often.
  • Went home to sober up for a while, only to get an invite to meet up again with BC at 11 pm. How could I say no? Poured myself into bed at 4 am. Woke up wishing I had said no to the last few cocktails. 🙂
  • Crawled out of bed on Saturday for a quick haircut with my favorite ex drag queen hairdresser. Left looking basically the same but without all the nappy ends fried within an inch of their lives.
  • Stopped by the festivities at Doo-Dah Days to hear some banjo music, take a trolley and horse drawn carriage ride and have a brief conversation with Mrs. Abe Lincoln.
  • Went for ice cream at Klavon’s. Yes, that was me tucked in the corner booth with the mint chocolate chip AND fountain cherry coke. 
  • Loaded a window A/C unit into the apartment because I am tired of being sticky. I love you window fan, but you just weren’t cutting it anymore.
  • Ate four pizza rolls for dinner and crashed out on the couch.
  • Sunday- YAY! Grabbed my usual morning coffee around the corner, tried to make it to Dozen for brunch but I slept too late. Walked back home and stopped for another coffee on the way- gave street punks one pack of cigarettes, a lighter, and $5.
  • Made my way to my favorite Thai place for the yummy Asian pumpkin shrimp curry.
  • Headed to the bowling alley to kick some hipster booty with my mega skills (ok, I only broke 100 on one game- but I jumped up and down in a big X for each.and.every strike I rolled.
  • Closed out with a quick beer and hit the hay.

And I wonder why I’m not “rested” after the weekend….. (a good time was had by all)



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7 responses to “Busy Pittsburgh Weekend

  1. Good girl – you needed a weekend like that.

    And um…. thai pumpkin shrimp curry? Holy balls does that sound good.

    Eleanor: You have no idea. I never order the same thing twice at restaurants. I’ve had it three times so far. It’s a special. I may weep when they take it off the menu.

  2. Good for you- sounds like just the right kind of jam-packed fun-busy weekend. Now if only I could have the same kind of weekend and then figure out a way to build in a recovery Monday without my job getting suspicious….

    Eleanor: Isn’t that always the problem?

  3. you had me at fountain cherry coke. please have this much fun this weekend as well so i can continue to live vicariously.

    Eleanor: Will do- if the finances hold out. This weekend I’m actually “performing” as a bellydancer. Dear lord.

  4. Is that an ex-drag queen or an ex-hair dresser?

    Eleanor: Definitely ex drag queen. Still a fantastic hairdresser… even if he knows more about makeup than I do.

  5. Yum! Shrimp curry, mint ice cream AND pizza rolls! How decadent, how delicious. Eleanor I think I’m hungry now.

  6. You had more fun in one weekend than I’ve had in the entire last decade of my life.

    Eleanor: I hereby insist you have more fun. It’s oddly… fun.

  7. You bellydance? I just started! Do you go to Your Inner Vagabond much?

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