Still Here

Today has been a rough one, so I’m not feeling up to much in the writing department. Unfortunately, the Prilosec my doctor prescribed hasn’t stopped me from waking up in the middle of the night with major stomach/ chest pain. Which means I woke up today at 3 am, vomited until 6 am, sent messages to work that I was going to try to see the doctor and passed back out. Unfortunately, the doctor couldn’t squeeze me in, so I’ve wasted yet another sick day because of this junk. And the Boss Lady is none too pleased.

I’m sure all the stress from everything else going on hasn’t helped my poor stomach, so I’m trying to think more Zen Yoga Girl and less Disaster Girl. I’ve never been particular granola in my approach to life, but at this point, I’ll do what it takes to get more than three consecutive hours of sleep.

For those of you wondering, yes, my eyeball is still a bit pink-ish and I’m still in the glasses. So, my complete bodily disintegration should be over by the weekend. I’m expecting to just start dissolving shortly and end up in a sticky puddle somewhere. If you see a puddle with long red hair, please say hello.

Sorry I sound like such a grump, but grump is how I feel.

Well, that and nauseous.



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6 responses to “Still Here

  1. I think you are handling everything that is going in your life in the best way, hang in there.

  2. letigreinfrance

    It sounds like you’re doing the best you can and all of this is a manifestation of the grief and stress you’ve been dealing with which is totally normal. Your boss can go to karmic hell, you need time to get better and stronger! Try to take it easy this weekend and loose yourself in some non-romantic documentaries or films.

  3. letigreinfrance

    Sorry, I meant lose not loose!

  4. Eleanor you poor thing. I had the same thing for a month. I tried everything to get rid of it – food, no food, medication, lack of medication and no combination of those things worked. Then, I arrived in Iowa and it all went away. Obviously this means that Iowa is the cure. You must come immediately.

  5. Stress can definetly have a negative effect on what is going on. Try some deep breathing practice while visualizing you are exhaling poison from your body each time you breathe out.

  6. I hope you’re feeling better by the time you’re reading this. The hippy dippy granola thing was never my cup of tea either, but they brainwash people here in California and now I wonder if you’ve tried accupuncture and/or a chiropractor.

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