Update on Disturbing Web Connections

For those of you who read about my brief interaction with “feminist” (hypocrite) male blogger Kyle Payne and his subsequent charges for photographing a female student in his care as an RA passed out and topless, here’s an update (thanks Rusty):

Mr. Payne’s plea was GUILTY.

Sentencing to follow in August.


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7 responses to “Update on Disturbing Web Connections

  1. No mention on his blog. I’m shocked.

    Although he did get around to posting an anti-pornography FAQ. Presumably Kyle is only against porn when it’s made with the consent of the people in it.

  2. letigreinfrance

    Wow, that’s insane. Talk about a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

  3. Dirt Road Darren

    This sicko needs to go the the “BiG House” where he can be Bubba “Bitch”!!


  4. This sicko needs to go the the “BiG House” where he can be Bubba “Bitch”!!

    Well, obviously he needs to be punished, but wishing prison rape on someone? That’s pretty disgusting. Not to mention that you were just misogynistic right there too…

  5. Darren Johnson

    I would encourage all to attend the sentancing on 11-Aug-2008 in Storm Lake, Iowa at the Buena Vista County Courthouse. We need to pack the courtroom so the Judge understands how outraged we are. As well as support the victim of this crime. We all need to band together.


  6. Good on you for breaking this in the first place. This guy is really a filthy animal.

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